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The Newton Scope!

About Our Projects:


NVC completed a 10-week Baseline InsightsTM assessment for FlyGuys, a U.S.-based drone services company. As a result, NVC is launching a major project to transform FlyGuys’ business and technology! This transformation will include business initiatives across 7 major categories and 5 major software releases. This will enable Flyguys to scale their organization profitably – to grow and take on more and more drone missions, expand their pilot network, automate critical activities, and provide excellent service to their customers

The Services Group

NVC is providing accounting and treasury BPO services to position the company for rapid expansion. NVC and TSG are also seeking ways to partner and leverage each other’s respective strengths and accelerate growth for both companies.


NVC is developing sellable enhancements and integrations for our client, providing quality assurance, standardizing the QA program, managing implementation projects, and assisting the PMO, supporting DevOps, and providing product roadmap and technical guidance. Our presence at Revalize has steadily grown from a handful of team members working on one product in the early fall of 2021 to 34 team members across 9 products today. Recently, we expanded our value to the Revalize Professional Services team by adding a “squad” that will assist them with Product implementations.

Compliance and Risks

NVC has re-engaged with Compliance and Risks to create a worldwide DevOps team/presence. NVC is a critical addition to their team as they work to transform their existing Enterprise Product Compliance solution.

Professional Services - Licensed.jpeg

A software company made up of 6 different acquired companies with software products that enable ERP (enterprise resource planning), SPC (statistical process control), and MES (manufacturing execution systems) solutions. NVC has multiple team members partnering with Advantive teams to provide professional services support and technical support, deliver quality assurance, and create a standard quality assurance process. We anticipate our impact to grow at Advantive in terms of the size and scope of services offered.

AmeriCasa Solutions

We continue to provide both RPO and standard recruiting services to help build AmeriCasa’s American and Colombian presence through NVC. A client whom we have provided, and will continue to provide, a full suite of services to include, including accounting, sales enablement, software development, marketing, and HR support.

We Have Open Positions:

Newton Vision Corporation is always looking for success-oriented, talented professionals who want to become a part of our fantastic team! If you’re looking for a place to hone your skills and advance your career, don't miss this opportunity. Check out our current job openings and apply below!

Help us grow, by referring a friend!

Earn a $200.000 COP bonus when you refer someone to one of our open positions. Send the resume to the Recruitment group email, and if your referral is selected to advance with NVC, you will receive the bonus after their third month with the company.


NVC recognizes the most outstanding employees of the month. We are consistently amazed by your performance and commitment. Keep up the splendid work! 


Valentina Angarita

Sales Enablement


Paola Serna



Jorge Fajardo



Rody Villareal



Uday Unzaga


Our members and their pets

Norman Newton 

Our family loves dogs and has had up to 3 at any given time. They make us super happy.

Todd Lunsford

Juniper likes to chase moose and deer that walk through our yard. So far she hasn’t caught one ;-)

Valentina Angarita

Pancho is too playful and sleepy. He lights up our house with his charm. He is always ready to brighten your day with his antics and to give you a dose of love and calm.

John Barreto

One day we came home from the market, they didn't realize we had arrived and we found Asahi jumping on our daughter's trampoline, Sakura lying on our bed very peacefully and Oreo had taken my wife's makeup and left it all over the bathroom floor, that day we didn't know what to think since the three of them made a mess in the house, we finished organizing everything in the early morning after finding other surprises like broken cushions, bites on the furniture and more affectionate gestures from our pets!

Paula Castiblanco

All of them has their own personality, but they love each other a lot. Jackson is the serious one who never wants to play. Panda is like a bunny always trying to escape, jumping out the window he imitates the cats. Terry was our first pet we lost my first dog. We have had him since he was 3 months old, Ramon acts like a dog and always is following my mom, he lost his mom when he has only a few days born and Michifu is the crazy one always trying to play. All of them were adopted and we love them as family.

Juan C Flores

When just a puppy, 4 months maybe, we left her outside in the garden because we went somewhere to spent our Saturday afternoon. We planned to come back home in 5 hours or so. At the time we approached hone we discovered a heavy down pour with hail had fallen on the city, particularly in our neighborhood. We expected to find Winnie full wet and almost frozen. But we found her hidden under two new very leafy plants we just planted a few days ago. Fortunately she was almost dry with her paws a little wet. She has proven to be smart and lovely in other situations.

Jhonathan Paez
Durian have kittens thanks to Mango, and she almost every night bring all her kittens to my bed while i was sleeping.

Katherine Gonzales

All my pets are street rescues and from shelters. I support 100 percent the adoption of street animals.

Michael Zapata

He's a fart, hahaha he literally farts a lot and they smell terrible that's why we named him Funky.

Ricardo Ramirez

Everday she wakes up and walks over to me like a cat, searching my face, waiting to open my eyes, and starting to wag her tail. Every day she is the first thing that I see in the morning.

Luis Olivera

She loves playing with kids and other puppies. She gets crazy anytime we are in the mall!!
She also enjoys sleeping next to me while I'm working

Paloma Lesmes

You may gently squeeze The Moss Ball Pet You may also gently roll it back and forth on your hand, palm to help them retain their round shape. Moss Ball Pets are living things and they need all love!!

Lina Hernandez

I have also a senior Cat, owner, and the boss of my home, and my cat has never accepted another pet before, Toño is now the baby of the house and the first being accepted, he is adopted and has become my biggest companion.

Loredana Martinez 

Loki likes to turn on the lights from the living room while playing and for Zoro we thought at first he was a girl and even a vet confirmed it, and we called him Zuki, but then turns out he is a boy so we had to change the name to Zoro hehe

Olga Malambo

Funny Story: The other dogs are scared of the tiny one (Tina), She is the alpha. A little time ago the oldest one died he was 16 years old, the other dogs were sad about it, but also, they gave us strength.

Margarita Rubio

Aghata taught me to be a more patient and calm person, to see life more slowly and without so much haste. I loved that always in the morning when he got up, he always stretched before starting his day, which I associated with yoga and now it is my daily practice. His departure is still painful, but I know that he was a very happy pet in our home and I am glad to offer him that happiness for the time he lived by my side.

Rody Villareal

I adopted a cat (the last one on the right in the picture) and she was pregnant... She gave birth to 5 adorable cats. We had them all in my family home, and now there are more cats than family members at home. And as for my dog Odin, he has been with us for over 7 years. After many broken shoes, damaged wires, chairs, and a lot of things more, he managed to adapt very well :)

Maria José Salazar

He is Gaston is an adorable member of my family. A cute anecdote was when we met him, we decided with my husband to adopt a dog and went to see some, that day Gaston was so cute, he saw us and immediately jumped into our car, it was like love at "first sight"hahaha, from there he won our heart.

Camila Castellanos

They are all jealous siblings, especially the little one who does not allow the older siblings to receive love.

Leidy Tello

He doesn't like to sleep in his bed, right on top of us, when we want to push him away, he buries his claws in our pajamas as if to say don't even think about it. Another thing is we cannot left our feet out of the blankets because He loves to bite our fingers.

Estefana Gutierrez 

Luna loves the ball, she is very fast. No one beats her in a competition. Puyol steals the shoes, we don't know why but he loves to steal them.

Diana Ramirez

She was abandoned in the street when she was one month old, we rescued her and now she is 2 years old and she is so happy.

Karina Rey

He loves the ball and drinking tap water. He is the cutest and cuddliest kitty ever, he is happy to be leaning out the window watching his cat neighbors. 


English Class Progression
Monthly Recognition:

At NVC, we want to recognize those who continue to challenge themselves to learn, grow and progress their English fluency level. We are super proud of the following NVC team members for their level of commitment and advancement towards this NVC benefit that we offer all team members!:

Carlos Beltran

Juan Flores

Leidy Tello

Career Advancement within NVC!!

At NVC, we believe that every employee is a vital piece of our puzzle, contributing their unique skills and dedication to drive our collective success. That's why we are thrilled to announce the following adjustments within our company!


Juan David Perez 

Promoted to Semi-Sr Accountant


Angelica Herron

Transitioning over to HR Coordinator



These are the special dates for this month!          

Independence's Day


Cheers to our associates who celebrate their birthday this month


Jorge Fajardo


Daniel Avarez


Efrain Diaz


Gustavo Quijada


Saul Rodriguez


Ricardo Ramirez


Sebastian Marin


Cheers to our associates who celebrate their day of this month


Javier Giron


Olga Malambo


Lets welcome to our team, the new hires!:

Andrea Castro

Jr. Accountant

Brian Hernandez

Senior Software Engineer

Gabriel Soria

Senior Software Engineer

Arthur Gil

Software Architect

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